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Let's try to understand this thing
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

PV=nRT wrote:
NeverTrustAMidget wrote:
Excavator wrote:
PV=nRT wrote:
NeverTrustAMidget wrote:
PV=nRT wrote:
Still waiting on Midge to tell us how many days the GOP was willing to let Scalia's seat stay open.

Do not answer apples and oranges questions. To do so would legitimize your illegitimate argument.

The GOP proved they are willing to wait a REALLY long time for a SCOTUS judge confirmation in the name of "Politics". That seat would still be vacant had Hillary won the election. Now, the GOP is trying to rush an appointment in the name of "politics". LOL You clowns are beyond predictable.

The GOP Has not rushed. The confirmation process has run it's intended course. Politics is always the leading factor, but the fact is that Judge kavanaugh is more than qualified to fill the seat. The last minute hail Mary with the fake plant will fail, and kavanaugh will be confirmed.

But you really have to laugh about things. Woman says he attacked me and shouldn't be on bench. Yet when given opportunity to go before the committees and testify about what happened she continues to hee and haw and ask for this situation or that situation before she will testify.

Not only does she want to pick the day she testifies, but who asks her questions and the scheduled of the day for all the proceedings and who else will testify that day. If this was a legitimate witness she would t4estify when the committee wanted and she would answer all questions from all committee members.

Committee should tell her here is the date you will testify and you will be face questions from every member of committee who wants to ask you a question. If not then we will continue without your input.

She is asking for a legitimate investigation.

So was Juanita Broaddrick. What did she get? Double standard much?
All others must sign an affidavit...
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